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Connect your streams to our AI platform and we provide you with the style reflecting your social media status quo, your likes, your music-style, and what you write in social media and private conversations. Our R&D department offers even a Beta Program where you can for a reduced price provide anonmized data to the Trendsetters to create the next season's style (Prêt-à-Porter)-- BE there to shape the future of LifeStyle!

  • AvatarMe close-enough package (Social Media Package), everything that is already public
  • AvatarMe privacy-breach package (Social Media + Tell The Truth), Social Media Streams and messaging and email analytics.
  • AvatarMe Prêt-à-Porter Intel, get privacy-breach package for reduced price by providing crucial style data for next fashion style coming.

Rescue Pack

Worldwide at primary Locations

Enthusiast plan services

  • Pick up at primary location
  • Annual insurance fee
  • 1 free, then 25% of price per rescue (yearly)
  • Express shipment (same business day) of vaulted objects, 1 per year.

Note: vaulting items apply to seperate fee.

Business plan services

  • Enthusiasts plan
  • Hotel/destination delivery same day 100 mile radius of primary locations.
  • Offshore/drone delivery on silicon sites only
  • Always free rescue pack

The packs

Rescue packs contains to your preferences  and your personal configuration clothing, hygienic products, medical products and others such as mobile phone, cash and vaulted items (keys, files, data etc.)

There are predefined RescuePacsk available from which you can  personalize or simply create your own RescuePack.

The rescue packs are autoamtically adjusted to the countries metreological, cultural, hyginic and medical conditions.

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Available in Europe and North America. CloudCloset will be available in the Americas and Asia Pacific by June 2017.


  • Taylored clothing from our major partner brands
  • Latest fashion and style consulting at your destination
  • Access to hundreds of local brands and design, keep personaly in contact
  • Keep your suit/dress measurments and order to be taylored at location
  • Helps you choose the right clothes for the event, and have it at place of destination
  • Design your own or choose from stock.
  • Second hand alternative available from other customers.

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VaultRelease Pack

Available worldwide, delivered from the primary location.

  • Vault items for release (different geographical location)
  • Vault items in Switzerland.
  • Vault releases within same business day, and delivers within 1 business day worldwide
  • Time vault releases
  • Dual vault releases
  • Transaction vaults

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Bloody Socks

Many products from Packnot's own brand "bloody socks" are available now at airport shops and pick-up places for purchase. The "bloody socks" brand is a selection of second-hand fashion, which has been retired from the cloud closet or re-furbished rescue packs. 25% of these earnings go to charity programs all over the world.