might the closet be with you


Your standing there with no pants because the airline company lost your luggage?

Customer testimonial, Alessi Stramos:

"AvatarMe! really nailed it to the point: The shoes, the shaving technique, the pattern on my shirt and just all my personal presentation changed to my  digital me, the real me. It's like a coming out, and feels great to finally got my true digital identy in the mirror."

Customer testimonial, Becky Langer 29 Frankfurt:

"I'm the VIP of Rockstorm and travel the whole year almost every week to another place. Managing my closet from my iPhone is fantastic. Yesterday I had dinner at the four season and knew exctly what to wear. Thanks to the ClosetCloud I had a matching dress in my hotel room for the dinner. Keep on rocking Packnot!"

Packnot's Vision

Our vision is to become the trendsetter for 'fashion-in-transit' life-style.

We style people in every situation and bring you the style you meant to be— wherever you go.

Packnot a pioneer

Packnot has been succesfully in the business since more than 11 years, helping people in travel-trouble around the world. Packnot delivers first-class ad-hoc life-style and solves logistical problems with your personal belongings in transit

Packnot meets Artificial Intelligence

Our latest product AvatarMe takes the way you dress to a whole new level. Let your digital you craft the style that meant to be you! We spend over 75% a day as our "digital me" but we dress and style ourselfs only 25% according to it. Get your self a style-lift with AvatarMe!


Bloody Socks

Also, many products from Packnot's own brand "bloody socks" are available now at airport shops and pick-up places for purchase. The "bloody socks" brand is a selection of second-hand fashion, which has been retired from the cloud closet. 25% of these earnings go to charity programs all over the world.